Becoming an ecolodge

Our achievements so far

Mondi Lodge is currently in the process to obtain an official eco-lodge certification through the Rainforest Alliance.

Environmental conservation:

  • We did not chop a single tree during construction, we simply moved them to another spot on our property.
  • We work mostly with local flora and water them with groundwater and re-used septic tank water.
  • Showering water is heated by solar panels.
  • Most lights contain energy-saving LED bulbs.
  • The air-conditioners are inverter.
  • The palapa’s are isolated and built on the wind.
  • We work with all-natural, organic cleaning products and supply likewise toiletries to our guests.
  • We started growing fruit and vegetables and aim to be self-sufficient in the future.
  • We keep chickens for organic eggs.


Recycling and waste management:

  • We made as much furniture and decoration as possible with recycled pallet wood and driftwood.
  • We recycle plastic bottles and soda cans, and send used batteries to the Netherlands were they get properly taken care of.
  • We work with an à la carte menu to avoid wasting food. Leftovers go to the animals we keep.
  • Printing paper is re-used as writing paper.


Social and communal commitment:

  • We inform our guests about sustainability and their part in being sustainable. Besides the information they get at check-in and what’s written in the information map, we aim to increase their consciousness by trying to talk about the subject with them. We also involve them in the process by asking them to recycle or bring home some batteries for us to properly dispose.
  • We work with local people.
  • We buy our cleaning products at local, family-run business Integra Natural, which was founded by ten year old Tatiana.
  • We are a member of Greenforce Curaçao, who also take care of our recycled bottles and cans. To involve the community, we send letters to our neighbors and encourage them to make use of our recycle station.
  • The commission we make on tours and car rental, is donated to a local charity, this year to Stichting Dierenhulp Curaçao, who have a stray dog neutering program.



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