Curacao Art Festival

We are a group of art lovers and Curaçao enthusiasts, who wish to share this combined passion and especially Curaçao’s beauty and uniqueness, with the world.

Our art events are channeled through the Art Foundation Curaçao (AFC) through the year. However, the main event is the Plein Air Curacao art festival, which is organized every other year. Please reserve the last week of Feb 2015 and contact us to be added to the list of invitees.

All our well appreciated sponsors are very important to this project.

The larger sponsors are Fundashon Bon Intenshon (Foundation Good Intentions) in Curacao, the Mondriaan Foundation in The Netherlands, Maduro & Curiel’s Bank, the Curacao Tourist Board and in 2013 Substation Curaçao and Scuba Do.

Among other contributions to the Curaçao community, the Fundashon Bon Intenshon is organizer of the fabulous Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival.

Special thanks goes to our enthused team of volunteers, our wonderful buddies and fabulous host families, without whom Plein Air Curaçao would not be possible!

Visit this Plein Air Curaçao site often for bio’s of participating artists as they sign up, for events as they are planned, for updates of the calendar and most importantly, to participate in our blog and events.

Join us!

Be part of the movement that aims to make Curaçao an Art Paradise. This is a call to all artists in Curaçao to register with us so that you can become a part of our database and receive invitations to our activities in Curaçao and abroad.

If you have an art activity or know of one, please share it through our website. We welcome all suggestions and feed-back and look forward to work with all artists, art lovers and supporters in Curaçao or any part of the world to promote art in general and Plein Air Painting in particular.

We invite artists from all over the world to come and paint Curaçao in all its aspects, its people and its culture, together with our local artists.


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