The Story.

Hi I am George de Haseth and I am going to give you a little bit of background information and history.

Kl. St. Michiel 1, the location address of our lodge, forms part of the family owned plantation Klein Sint Michiel. Number 1 was the first house built on that land (after the main mansion) and was finished in 1943. When it was finished my parents got married and moved in immediately. In those days there was no electricity nor running water, water was obtained by a well and a system to collect rainwater, electricity was produced by an engine. By the time I was born (13 years later) electricity and running water were already brought to our place. When I grew up, youngest of 3 sons, our house was more like a farm or animal zoo. The land on which the 1st part of the lodge is built on, used to be the coral, walking space for goats, sheep, a horse, a donkey & a deer we used to keep. Besides those we have had many other animals; chickens, ducks, turkeys, birds, cats & dogs, squirrels….. you can imagine we had a wonderful youth.

Although Klein Sint Michiel is considered 2nd district, meaning out of town, it is quite near town, some 9 kilometers.

After many years of living in various countries, the idea of building a lodge came up at the beginning of the new millennium. In 2007 my wife and I decided to come back to the island permanently, our kids being on their own and my mother of 90 and brothers being on the island. After my mother passed away in 2009, still nothing had been done. In 2011 my brothers and I started investigating the possibility of building an apartment complex. The complex, although a very nice concept, was not really in accordance with my idea of a hotel and I decided to discuss this with my brothers. They agreed to give me the opportunity to develop the land as I would like it to be. I completely changed the concept, instead of brick buildings, I chose for the palapa houses as they look much nicer in the natural environment. One condition was that although they are palapa houses I want them to offer the maximum in comfort.

The concept consists of an environmental friendly operation, but also keeping in mind clients comfort and leaving as much as possible of the bushes (mondi) and its flora & fauna.

The decision of Danita to come back to the island have made us decide to start developing the project in an accelerated speed. Her input has been of great help, as my other business (an Incoming Agency for Cuba) keeps me very busy. The idea is for a maximum of 8 and one tree house, 9 apartments in total with restaurant. We decided to start with 3 palapas and all the infrastructure to be able to easily add new palapas in future.

Having finished phase one we decided to open our facility. We wish you the best of time here, and appreciate your feedback. Comments & suggestions are always welcome. Danita will definitively make sure you have a good time here and on our island!

Bon bini to Mondi Lodge!


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