About Us



Welcome to Mondi Lodge!

Or as we say in our native language Papiamentu: Bon bini na Mondi Lodge!

After living in the Netherlands for many years, Danita decided to return to her birth island Curaçao to take on an exciting, new adventure: creating an eco-friendly lodge where visitors are surrounded by nature, feeling relaxed, spoiled and comfortable. We aim to give you that ‘home-away-from-home’ feeling.

Our charming lodge contains four palapa’s (wooden cottages) and is situated at only a ten minute drive from the airport and our colorful capital Willemstad. There are several beaches, diving spots and supermarkets less than two miles away. Due to our central location both Westpunt (Banda Abou) with all its untouched, natural beaches, and Jan Thiel/Mambo Boulevard (the touristic hotspots) are easily accessible by car.

Mondi Lodge is surrounded by a big tropical garden filled with colorful flowers and local fauna such as iguanas, (tree) lizards, hummingbirds, parakeets and land crabs. Neighboring flamingos can be sighted flying over to their nesting area!

Our local staff is multi-lingual and comes from very diverse backgrounds, which usually leads to interesting and fun conversations, be it in Papiamentu, English, Dutch, Spanish, German or French.

Our vision

Mondi Lodge firmly believes in running a business based on INTEGRITY;

  • preserving and respecting its natural surroundings and the environment,
  • transparency towards our customers,
  • carrying out a management system built on sustainability while ensuring an ever-growing awareness upon our guests, workers and local community,
  • maintaining high standards of hospitality with a personal touch and
  • carrying out respect for human diversity and expecting our guests to do so too.



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