Helpful Tips



Mondi Lodge is working hard to become an Eco-certified lodging facility under the strict requirements of the Rainforest Alliance organization. To achieve this,  we kindly ask your cooperation by adhering to the following “guidelines” stated below:                                

  • Turn off the ceiling fan, air conditioning, TV and lights whenever you leave your lodge
  • Whenever your air conditioning is turned on, be sure that the doors and windows are closed.
  • Throw cans and plastic bottles in the designated bin located in the kitchen cabinet
  • Place the “do not disturb” sign at your door when our cleaning services are not desirable
  • Place dirty towels that need to be changed on the floor
  • Curacao distills its water from the sea which is a quite expensive procedure. Please be sure to close the taps properly.

We thank you in advance for your consideration of our local environment and kind effort to assist us in maintaining it!






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